Most repairs can be done either in your home or at our repair centre; however, sometimes the repair is more economical to be performed with our testing and diagnostic equipment in our fully fitted repair centre. Give us a call and a technician can advise you of the best route.

When in our repair centre, no diagnostic charge is applicable. So, if you’re unsure whether or not to scrap your computer, we can advise you. This also applies to data recovery, we offer free data recovery analysis. We will check to see what data is available and advise you of the cost.

Computer Repairs Computer Upgrades Laptop Repairs New Computer Builds
Whether your computer has crashed, doesn't startup or is running slow, we can always solve the problem. If your system is running slow or you require more from your machine, why not try an upgrade? We have a full laptop repair service.
Contact us for a quotation of screen repairs, keyboard repairs, power socket repairs or any other laptop fault.
With experience in the industry, we can quote you the cost for a new computer which is designed to suit your needs, more information is available in our products section.

PC Setup and Installation Virus & Spyware Removal Computer Tuition Computer Cleanup
Just purchased a new computer? Inherited a computer from a family or friend? One of our technicians can come to your house, connect the wires and have you up and running in no time. Our technicians can eradicate infections which can cause your computer to run slowly, improving the performance of your computer. Our tutor can take you from basic computing right through to more complicated tasks, lessons can be arranged as pay per lesson or blocks can be purchased for regular lessons. As your computer ages, temporary files and other junk build up. A full cleanup, including Virus & Spyware removal should improve the performance of your computer.

Home Broadband or Network Installation Data Recovery Backup Advice Installation of Peripherals
Are you wanting to connect to the internet but not sure how? Contact us to arrange a visit from one of our technicians. They will be happy to setup your broadband or home network. Deleted an important document? Lost family photographs? We use advanced software to recover files from computers with a high success rate. We offer free data recovery analysis - so it costs nothing for us to take a look. Computer users don't realise how important backing-up data is until they lose something! Contact us now for free advice on how to backup your data. We can install printers, scanners, digital cameras, web cameras, Voip phones, MP3 players or any other device for your computer. If you haven't yet purchased your device, contact us for a quote.

Service Pledge

Most repairs can be done either in your home or at our repair centre; however, sometimes the repair is more economical to be performed with our testing and diagnostic equipment in our fully fitted repair centre. Give us a call and a technician can advise you of the best route.

We are confident in our quality of work. We are fully qualified for repairing your computer in our repair centre and in your home. If you are not totally satisfied with the work carried out, please contact us. We understand that repairs on computers are not always complete first time, that is why we have a free repeat policy. Contact us for more information or further assistance.

No Fix! No Fee!

Our 'No Fix! No Fee!' policy is simple. If we cannot offer a solution to your problem, you pay nothing. Terms and Conditions apply.

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